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Rent-to-own financing is a good alternative to traditional financing. When you rent-to-own with Snap, they buy the product and rent it back to you for 12 months. You make payments to "lease" the property from Snap and each payment goes toward the final purchase. At the end of 12 months, when you've made all your payments, the merchandise is yours.

Easy to get approved... It's No Credit Needed financing, so you can get approved even with bad credit or no credit. Snap doesn't pull your FICO credit score to determine eligibility, so they can be more flexible in their approval process. They pride themselves on saying "YES" when others say "no".

Budget friendly... Lease-to-own terms can be a more budget-friendly option to those who need affordable payments.

100-Day Cash Payoff... Early payoff options make rent-to-own a flexible way to balance your budget.

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Credova is revolutionizing consumer leanding by prodiving access to multiple financing and leasing options via a single, easy-to-use online platform. With a lender network that provides complete credit spectrum financing and a single paperless application process consumers can shop confidently at their favorite retailers.

Fast Pre-Qalifications... Credova doesn't subject customers to multiple credit checks. They can receive pre-qualifications and view their financing offers from multiple providers without affecting their credit.

Full Spectrum Lending...With Credova's network of prime to sub-prime providers, customers with good to troubled credit can be approved quickly.

Early Buyout Options...Customers can tailor their financing experience with the ability to buyout of their contract at any time.

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If you have any questions regarding any of the financing options available, please feel free to contact us at 586-619-9780.