We do lighting upgrade of several kinds. We can do headlights, passing lights, party lights, tail lights and other misc. lighting upgrades. Below is just an example of the styles of lighting upgrades we can do.

Image 01

Day Makers - Call for Pricing

These give the bikes a face lift and offer a brighter option than the stock headlights. The Day Maker comes in the headlight and passing lights. You can pick from a chrome or black option.

Image 01

Truck-Lite - Call for Pricing

This is another way to go to get a brighter option over the stock headlights. This one comes in the headlight and passing lights as well. As of right now the one pictured is the only color option.

Image 01

Tail lights - Call for Pricing

There are many different options for a new look with your taillight. You can stay with red but brighter LEDs or go with a smoked lens so when it's off it is smoked. We can also add an pulsing element for added safety.

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Party Lights - Call for Pricing

These fun lights serve two purposes. Turn them on in solid mode for extra lights to be seen while riding (just don't use red or blue). Then when stopped at your favorite local hang out turn on one of the flashing modes to get even more attention with your bike.