Powder Coating

Powder coating can be done to any piece of metail. We are not limited to just motorcycle parts, we can have anything powder coated (as long as it is metal). Check out some of the items customers have had custom powder coated.

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Colors - Call for Pricing

We can powder coat in over 6500 different colors and finishes. From glossy to matte and from satin to textured all across the rainbow of colors. We can even do a super metallic flake over black.

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Motorcycle Wheels - Call for Pricing

Motorcycle wheels can be powder coated. They can be done in 1 or 2 colors. The one pictured has been done is 2 different greens. Another look would be to do a glossy and matte finish of the same color. Powder coating the wheels can completely change the appearance of the bike.

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Motorcycle Caliper - Call for Pricing

Want to add a touch of color to the front of your bike but don't want to do the whole wheel, why not just do the caliper. Every bike has the same black calipers or chrome ones, why not color match one to your bike or do it in your favorite color to make it pop? The rear caliper can also be powder coated to add a little something when the bags are removed.

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Misc Parts - Call for Pricing

Any piece of metal on a motorcycle can be powder coated. As shown in the photo the primary cover has been done in wrinkle black with the derby cover in a Harley orange. The options of what you can do are only limited to your own thoughts. Check out our Projects page to see some other custom powder coating we have done.

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Car Calipers - Call for Pricing

Just as with motorcycle calipers, a simple way to add a slight pop of color to your call wheels is to powder coat the calipers. The powder coating can handle the heat created when braking.

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Car Wheels - Call for Pricing

Adding a color to your car can be done by powder coating the wheels. Just as the motorcycle wheels they can be done in 1 or more colors. Again, they can be done in any of the finishes we have available. Powder coat the wheels 1 color and the calipers in another to really give it a custom look.