Burly Brand

Burly Brand offers suspension upgrades, handlebar upgrades and much more. We carry the full catalog of Burly products....more photos of items to come.

narrow apes

Narrow Bottom Apehangers - Call for Pricing

These apehangers work well for Sportsters and Dynas. They are available in 12", 14" and 16" chrome or black.

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Gorilla Apehangers - Call for Pricing

These larger apehangers are great for your touring models and even softails. They are available in 10", 12" and 20" chrome only and 14", 16" and 18" chrone and black.

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Bagger Bars - Call for Pricing

These bars are a nice upgrade fron the stock bars. They are avaialble in 13" and 15" chrome or black.

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Lowering Blocks - Call for Pricing

These are used to drop the rear end of most Harley models upto 1-1/2" without replacing the stock shocks.

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Razorback Pegs - Call for Pricing

These pegs will give your bike a whole new looks. Available in black only.

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Sissy Bar - Call for Pricing

These sissy bars are a nice touch to add to your sportster for a passenger. Available in 13" or 20" black or chomre.

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Slammer Shocks - Call for Pricing

Easily replace your stock shock with these 10.5" slammer shocks for a whole new ride. Avaiable in black or chomre and fit most every Harley model.

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Stiletto Shocks - Call for Pricing

These shocks are made for Sportsters and Dyna models but should be ready for touring models soon. Available in 13" or 15" for Sportsters and 12.5" and 13.5 for Dynas in black only.

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Stash Pegs - Call for Pricing

Install these pegs and have a handy place to hide cash or documents. Work on most HD models. Available in polished stainless or black.